“Frozen” Short Film Coming Spring 2015

News alert: Our favorite crew from Disney’s Frozen is back in an animated short film coming this Spring, 2015!

I think that Brennan, my five-year-old son, and Kendall, my three-year-old daughter, may pee their pants when they hear about this. …

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Foundations in Literacy Learning

Can you believe it,  the 2014-2015 school year is here! Schools are a flurry of activity as students busily break into fresh boxes of crayons, sharpen their pencils, and meet new  teachers and friends. Did you know that the foundations

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Sending Your First to Kindergarten: Learning to Let Go

Twin Cities Moms Blog Contributor

I’m over on the Twin Cities Moms Blog sharing my thought on my oldest son, Brennan, starting Kindergarten next week. It actually took me a while to write because every time I sat down to write it I’d tear up.

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“I’m fine” and other lies we tell when depression takes over.

I'm fine and depression. First Time Mom

I’ve been harboring a secret for the past month or so. Only a few close friends know and my family obviously. I don’t know why I’ve not said anything about it or why I’ve been hiding it. The truth is …

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Fashion Rocks! Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama 2014


Adam Bettcher for Macy’s

Glamorama – what? I’ll be honest, being that I’m not all that glamorous, I’d never heard of it until a friend gushed about it last fall. So this year, when I had the chance to cover …

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Hot Dog Day Giveaway

National Hot Dog Day with ApplegateHappy National Hotdog Day! Yes, starting in 2009, July 23 is the day that celebrates one of America’s most iconic summer staples, the hot dog! In fact, July is National Hot Dog month!

Take a look around any baseball field, grill, or …

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