Manic Mommy Monday: Warning – Not for the Faint of Heart

MMMIt’s been a while since I’ve been able to link up with my friends for The Gnome’s Mom’s Manic Mommy Monday! Glad I could make it this week!

I thought it would be a stupendous idea to teach my three year old son, Buggie, that he could pee in our backyard when he had to go. I think I did this b/c I’ve never been a good squatter. The last time I tried I was eight years old and it did not bode well for me. Enough of that though on to the story.

A few weekends ago my in-laws were for a family dinner. The weather in Minnesota has been beautiful so we were all outside eating dinner on the deck. I had just laid my daughter, Lady Bug, down for the night when I came back downstairs to see a very odd sight. Buggie was outside alone and our beagle, Chula, was licking something off of the ground. Buggie was just standing there watching her quietly and that’s what scared me. This is a boy who never stops moving nor is he ever quiet. I walked outside and asked him what they were doing. This is the response I got, “Chula’s eating poop, Mom.” I thought I had misheard him, “She’s doing what?” He said it louder and with this tone of pride in his voice, “Chula’s eating my poop, Mom!”

I was horrified. I ran outside and sure enough Buggie had decided that rather than taking the time to go inside to poop he’d just do it right outside. Only he didn’t take off his pants. Since he loves being naked, which we’ve had to explain is really socially unacceptable outside of the confines of our home, he was commando. Man did that poop smell too.

Buggie2About a week after this happened Buggie was outside with my husband doing some yard work. We’re, okay he’s, major Thomas the Train fans so he was only being a really useful engine. He had to go potty though. He didn’t want to stop working but my husband explained to him that it was okay to stop what he was doing to go inside to go pee. Off Buggie went, only my husband didn’t find him inside our house to use the bathroom. He was in our driveway…relieving himself.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to teach him that he could pee outside??

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Elizabeth "Bert" Anderson is a stay-at-home mom of three living outside of the Twin Cities in Rogers. She's the author behind the blog First Time Mom, where she honestly chronicles the peaks and valleys of parenting. Even though she has more than one child, Bert maintains that whether you have one child or five, there's a first time for everything. She's a lover of cloth diapers, pop culture, healthy living and fitness.

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  • Charis’s Mum

    I was hooting and howling when I ready this and now I’m crying because I was laughing so much.

    • FirstTimeMom MN

      Glad we could brighten your day!

  • Shannon Stubbs

    haha. That’s funny. I have never met a little boy…okay, a boy in general who didn’t think peeing in the great outdoors is awesome!

    • FirstTimeMom MN

      If only I could pee outdoors!

  • Emily

    I had a son’s friend just start peeing in the park the other day simply because his mom was busy and couldn’t do anything to stop him. Looking forward to it in the future with my own kid I’m assuming ;-) Thanks for the warning.


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