Telling Stories Tuesdays: Next Time She’s Bringing Stuff for a Curbside Delivery (Just in Case!)

telling stories tuesdaysToday’s Telling Stories is from Amy V. Amy V.  is a stay at home mom of 2 children-Anna who is 11 yrs. old and Logan who is 16 months.  Amy and her family live in WI and they love spending time outdoors – hiking on local trails, swimming and grilling out…especially now that the weather is getting warmer!!  Anna is in middle school; she is a wonderful big sister and absolutely loves her baby brother.  Logan, Amy’s little miracle, is such a charmer and into everything!  Amy says, “It’s just amazing to watch them together; 2 precious blessings.”

Anna and Logan
Anna & Logan

My baby boy, who is now 15 mo. old arrived on Jan 22, 2011.  There were flurries and it was oh so cold…not to mention it was around midnight.  This was my 2nd pregnancy although his sister is 10 yrs. older so it had been a while since I experienced labor.  I do, however, remember my experience w/ my daughter and this was SO different! 

I was 2 days past his due date and was feeling tired. I kept feeling tightening in my abdomen off and on all day but it was never consistent- ‘til about 11 pm when I woke  my husband up from falling asleep in our living room chair.  Before waking him, I tried to lay on the couch and concentrate on HGTV’s House Hunters with no luck.  I’ve never seen my husband jump up so quickly in my life. I thought maybe we should wait – “just to make sure” this was the real deal.  I didn’t want to wake our families up – or even the doctor if it was a false alarm.  He insisted that I call the doctor and…..thank the LORD I listened to him!

By the time we arrived at the hospital (20-30 minutes away) I was checked and was dilated at 8cm!!!!! Holy cow!  My water hadn’t broken yet but I was in so much pain that I wanted the epidural.  They said as long as my water didn’t break they could give me one. I prayed through the contractions that I’d get one.  Finally, after about the longest hour of my life,  I got sweet relief.  After that I was smiling, even joking, and I pushed our little guy out after 45 minutes.  vitale.18
My son, Logan, was born at 4:14am and it was pure adrenaline that kept my husband and me up that whole day after he was born.  He weighed 7# 15 oz. and couldn’t have been more perfect.  I kid around with my husband that we left for the hospital when we did or he would have been delivering our baby in the car!! (Only half kidding because it was really close!)  ;)  I think if we decide to have another baby one of the items we pack are some emergency birth items….just in case we don’t make it to the hospital……

Silly Logan

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2 comments on “Telling Stories Tuesdays: Next Time She’s Bringing Stuff for a Curbside Delivery (Just in Case!)
  1. Julie says:

    I think that is a good idea! 8 cm wow! That is awesome! I was stuck at 4-5 cm for 35 hours!

  2. Amy V says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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