Where on the Web?: Thoughts on Christella Morris' Gift Giving Article

Every Monday I contribute to the Thristies’ blog in a series called Written by Mama Monday. I love writing the series for them; it allows me to flex my creative muscles weekly. This week I was inspired by a Huffington Post article written by blogger, Christella Morris. In her article Morris challenged the conventional tradition of presents during the holidays by encouraging her friends and family to instead, invest in quality time and experiences for her boys. The article made its way over the Internet and social media. It was pretty difficult to ignore the various shares of it in my Facebook News Feed. Naturally, I had an opinion on the matter, so I decided to write about it on Thirsties. Below is a snippet for you:
Have you ever looked around at your house and wondered how on earth you acquired so much stuff? Seriously, we have so much stuff in our house that’s kid related; I think a pre-holiday purge is a necessary event this year. From hand-me-down toys to new toys, mismatched toys to full on sets, you name it my kids have it. And within 38 days they’ll have even more toys, games, books, puzzles, etc. I’m not knocking the generosity of our friends and family; I’m grateful for it but often I look around my house and think, “We could have less.”

To read more of my thoughts visit the Thirsties’ blog (here) and let me know your thoughts!

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