Mommy Milestones: Lifting Dietary Restrictions

breastfeeding dietary restrictions I CAN EAT PIZZA AGAIN!!! Early on in my breastfeeding journey I discovered that eating pizza and anything in the cruciferous family (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) gave my son, BabyCakes, a horrid tummy ache. I adjusted my diet so I could continue breastfeeding my boy and keep his belly happy. This wasn’t too bad. I know other nursing mothers with more dietary restrictions. One of my friends had to give up dairy, soy, nuts, gluten and all beef protein. It was a good thing she lived down the street from a Whole Foods!

Naturally I was happy to follow some dietary restrictions, but I still missed my favorite foods. Well friends, this week I tried pizza for the first time in over five months and BabyCakes was fine! I’m thrilled to welcome pizza back into my life… perhaps I’ll even be able to partake in roasted brussel sprouts this Christmas, we’ll see.

While welcoming back a few of my favorite foods may seem small, to me it is a milestone! That got me thinking… Every month, no every week, I read about BabyCakes’ development. When he hits a milestone I eagerly get out the camera and mark it on the calendar. Yet, I often forget that my baby isn’t the only one constantly growing and changing, I am too.mommy milestones

Being a mom, is an on-going journey. Like all long journeys, motherhood has its ups and downs so it’s important to mark our mommy milestones. Celebrating even little things like being able to eat pizza brings a little extra joy to the sometimes repetitive and tedious daily grind of motherhood.

So I ask you, friends, what mommy milestones have you hit lately? Celebrate them!

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Wife, stay at home mom, music educator, and bassoonist, Laura Ankrum lives in Iowa City, Iowa. Prior to the arrival of her little boy Laura taught elementary music and band in the Boston area. Now her home is her classroom and music studio. Laura is passionate about education, encouraging other moms, and eco-friendly living. She regularly contributes to the blogs First Time Mom and Kelly Wels.

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  • Daphne

    Love this post! Mommy Milestone- joined a gym and have been going! :)

  • Laura

    Joined a gym… Way to go!

  • Erin K.

    Sadly, I don’t think I have hit one recently. I have two boys – 3 years and 20 months old – and I am 7 months pregnant with baby #3. I am exhausted with no time to really do anything! I will say that I have been able to read a book which I used to love to do before my kids were born. I am reading only a couple pages a week but it is something!

    • Laura Ankrum

      Hang in there friend! And cherish those few pages for yourself!

  • Laurie P

    …looking forward to bathroom breaks on my own again. lol

  • Emily Stewart

    My little fella was allergic to milk protein – I’ve just started adding back dairy, and I’m so excited!

    • Laura Ankrum

      Yay! Welcome, Emily, to the wonderful world of dairy! ~Laura, Lil Sis


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